Qabalah Project Complete Set

Qabalah Project Complete Set


21 paintings, acrylic on canvas, brown velveteen backdrop, journal, table and candle lantern all included.

I was raised as a Presbyterian Christian. But gripped by doubts, I spent most of my adult life exploring many different religions and spiritual paths — not as a tourist but as a complete participant — including Latter Day Saints, Buddhism, Taoism, Wicca and finally Qabalah.

My vision of the Logos, in which this project culminated, was the seed that ultimately led me back to Christianity and, in time, into seminary.

The journal (approx 120 pages) details the exact process behind the project such that one could undertake it him or herself if desired. In a nutshell, each week for over 5 months, I fasted 24 hours, completed a mediation on one 10 Sephira on the Tree of Life or one of the 10 Qlipha on the Qliphotic Tree, and completed a 5” x 7” painting to depict my meditative revelations. Thus there are 20 of the 5” x 7” paintings, as well as a final 12” x 12” painting which is a synthesis of my understanding as of the time the project was completed.

I have decided that this book should not be published at this time — but it could be in the future..

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