Private Seminar

Private Seminar

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Seminars run approximately 2 hours and attendance is unlimited — invite as many people as you want! Transportation cost is included in all options up to 499 miles from Richmond, VA. If you are 500 or more miles from Richmond, you will need to reimburse me for air travel and hotel expenses. Please select distance, seminar topic, and other options at check-out..

Distance From Richmond VA:
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Seminars run approx. 2 hours. If you would like more time on a given topic, or if you would like for me to present multiple seminars on the same day, simply purchase additional seminars.

Available seminar topics include, but are not limited to the following — please email me if there is another topic for which you’d like for me to prepare:

  • Martial Arts - Self-Defense

  • Martial Arts - Vigny-Lang Cane Fighting

  • Martial Arts - Frontier Rough & Tumble

  • Martial Arts - Fitness

  • Meditation

  • Contemplation

  • Prayer

  • Perennial Wisdom